Monday, 26 June 2017

Body Holiday Experience in Saint Lucia

Twenty- five of us left Trinidad for an all-inclusive Body Holiday experience in Saint Lucia, and to celebrate the retirement of a close relative.
The flight was just one hour.
When we arrived at the George Charles Airport, friendly Immigration officers greeted us.
Some members of our group had already been cleared for entry into the island, so the Immigration officer already knew that we were part of the group.
He asked my husband and me, “Are you here for the big party?”
He stamped our passports and told us to have a wonderful time. When we stepped out of the airport after collecting our luggage two maxi taxis were waiting to take us to our destination.
They were very modern and comfortable taxis. The pleasant driver pointed out places of interest along the way and chatted with us.
When the taxis pulled up at the Body Holiday Resort and Spa, more friendly faces greeted us.
One gave each of us a wet towel to freshen up and another served us with refreshing drinks of spices.
They took our suitcases directly to our rooms so that we could be hands-free to stand and listen to a rundown of the hotel’s layout and activities. We were then escorted to our rooms.
Impressed is too mild a word to describe our feelings when we saw the beauty of the expansive hotel, grounds, and closeness to the beautiful beach. We were blown away.
I fell in love with the place.
The grounds were beautiful and well maintained, with winding paths surrounded by an abundance of exotic flowers and vegetation.
There is a long stretch of beach with turquoise water and it complements the beautiful backdrop of the hotel rooms and restaurants.
The different venues, which host the activities, are spread across acres of land.
The hotel rooms were spacious with all amenities.
There were no televisions as there was so much else to do at the resort.

I can only briefly describe the activities in which we were involved.
You had to be there to experience each moment, which went by too quickly for the short weekend we spent there.
Day 1
1. A fabulous tea in the tearoom. It was a place to gather and chat.
2.A Walk on the beautiful beach to take in the lovely view and surroundings.
3. Buffet Barbecue Dinner
4. Dance Party until the wee hours of the morning.

Day 2
1. Buffet Breakfast at Cariblue Windows Restaurant, an intimate restaurant with a vibrant and chic atmosphere.
It is located in front of tropical gardens and a beautiful ocean view
2. Shopping downtown.
3. A trip to the healing Sulphur Springs.The enthusiastic taxi driver gave us a tour of the island for 2 hours before arriving at the Springs where we spent only one hour. It took another two hours to get back to the hotel.
The driver explained that St Lucia has a population of only 170,000 people and their main income came from tourism and bananas.
4. Retirement dinner and dance party at Cariblue.
My husband fell ill after that five-hour trip and had his dinner in the hotel room.
When the thoughtful restaurant supervisor heard from me of his illness she sent him his food right away.

Day 3
1. Buffet Breakfast at Cariblue.
2. Massages at the Spa.
We were taken on a golf cart to the spa, which is a separate area on the resort.
There are in-house taxis to get there also.
3. Buffet lunch
4. Check out of the hotel, and back to the airport for our flight home.
Checking out of the hotel was just as easy as when we arrived.
Helpful bell boys took our luggage from the rooms and packed them in the taxi for us.

The weekend was too short but it was one of the most productive and wonderful weekends in my life.
St. Lucia is a lovely Island and the Body Holiday and Spa Resort is one of the many resorts there.
As I walked around the beach area, I saw people doing tai-chi at one end of the resort.
Some were playing tennis and beach volleyball.
Others were sitting on a flotation device while a friendly server swam out to take them drinks and a few others indulged in snorkeling.
There were even boat rides around the island.
Everyone greeted each other and the atmosphere was one of togetherness and friendliness.
Thanks to our niece, Andrea, for organizing this wonderful trip.
I am looking forward to spending an entire week there so that I can take part in many more activities.

Tips: Take along bug spray, as you will be in the middle of a rainforest.
Try not to go in rainy season as parts of the hotel are not covered and although umbrellas are provided the floor connecting areas can be slippery.