Friday, 22 January 2016

My Life as a Banker - Book Trailer


Has proved to be as good an writer as she was a banker. You cannot keep a multi-talented person down.

Posted by Brian Samlalsingh on Monday, March 7, 2016
FIVE STAR REVIEW NEW FIVE STAR REVIEW My Life as a Banker By Fifty Sheds of Books on 7 July 2016 Format: Kindle Edition My Life As A Banker is a fascinating, intimate story. The author has an engaging writing style that draws you into the story and you feel as though she is talking directly to you, the reader. There is a nice balance between the professional and the personal and while I found the professional aspects rewarding, the highlight for me was reading about the author's interesting life. The social history aspects of the book also fascinated me, particularly the descriptions of life in Trinidad and I would imagine that this memoir will serve as an important document for social historians in years to come. This might sound strange to say about a book with Banker in the title, but the author demonstrates quite vividly that there are far more important things than money in life.