Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Extract from the Book, "Retirement is Fun: A New Chapter " - A Memoir

We booked in at the Adam’s Mark Hotel where we had reservations. It was a fantastic hotel with four restaurants and a night-club. Some of our friends from Trinidad stayed in that same hotel. There were buffet lunches with a wide spread of dishes. The hotel was located on the 16th Street shopping mall with free mall rides every minute of the day and we took full advantage of that to do some more shopping. There was a cinema nearby and we attended a show on Sunday. When we returned to the hotel some of the agents from my agency who were staying at another hotel came to visit me at the Adam’s Mark Hotel. On Sunday night the MDRT Welcome reception was held at the Stadium at the Invesco Field which is the football field of the Denver Broncos. The Adam’s Mark Hotel was one of the hotels reserved by MDRT to be a meeting place for members to be transported to that Stadium. Dozens of buses pulled up at the hotel to take us to our destination. When we arrived there, popular music bands entertained us. There were lots to eat and drink. It was remarkable to see agents from every part of the world having such a good time together. I met many of my other friends from other agencies and we enjoyed the night together. At the Conference, on all three days, the speakers held our attention with their dynamic presentations. There was a young teacher who won the Teacher of the Year award in America. He said that he wrote a book and sent it to Oprah Winfrey. She invited him on her show, spoke about the book and held the book close to her heart. The next day his book was Number One in America. He used the royalties to open a chain of schools in America. I wondered if I could be so lucky if I submitted my book to her. Almost all of the speakers were afflicted with cancer and survived, or had a loved one who had it and died. Despite that they were all highly successful. In our spare time we took bus tours of Denver City and the Rocky mountains. We visited Buffalo Bill’s grave and Red Rock Canyon. We met lots of friends from Trinidad and other parts of the world and had dinner with some of them. It was a remarkable and memorable trip. This book is available at Amazon Universal Link