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What Readers are saying about 'Retirement is Fun'

RETIREMENT IS FUN: When one door closes another opens.

1. An enjoyable account of retirement from an amazing author!
Ms. Mohammed recounts in great detail her decision to embark on a totally new career, with its ensuing challenges and rewards, after retiring from a successful career in banking.

2. It’s the web of family closeness facilitated by Brenda from which she draws strength in her darkest hour as she is afflicted with cancer and successfully grapples with retirement. It is in Brenda’s indefatigable efforts to champion the cause of family even as she journeys through a series sicknesses, births and deaths sequences and remains unfazed that a true hero is born.
3. "Retirement is Fun", is a seamless account of family life, hard work, and dedication. The author talks about her impressive career from banker to an insurance agent, to a lifetime member of the company that she worked for. Through it all, she beat the odds of life-threatening health problems.
4. Enlightening and inspiring, author Brenda Mohammed takes us through a bird's eye view turned fly on the wall look at her life. Banking? Insurance? Exotic holidays? For some of us, such a life is beyond our reach. For those of us to strive just be a little bit better at what we do, each and every day, we are the kind of reader suited to this book.
5. Anyone can read it, but you will be pleasantly surprised just how the author takes on new challenges with gusto. True, she has a large family and strong network of friends egging her on, but this is clearly her own tale, and how retirement is anything but a door closing.

6. After working for many years, it is difficult to pack up your job and leave an establishment, which became like a second home.
The author wondered what she would do when she retired at a very young age. It was the policy of the bank in those days.
The birth of her grandchildren brought much joy into her life. Her book is filled with inspiration and hope and it is one that everyone should read whether you are retiring or not.

8. Take a flight into the fascinating and fast-paced life of author Brenda Mohammed as she reflects on her years of early retirement. “Retirement is Fun” reads like a journal detailing the many aspects of Mohammed’s post-retirement days spent traveling the world. We follow her and her family as they globe-trot from their native Trinidad to the world’s largest cities, including Rome, London, and New York, to more exotic locations, such as Spain, Anguilla, and Columbia, and to popular tourist destinations like Hollywood and Las Vegas, as the author gives her impressions of each stop along the way.

9. "Retirement is Fun", is a seamless account of family life, hard work, and dedication. The author talks about her impressive career from banker to an insurance agent.
10. A well-written chronicle of the author's experiences and adventures since her retirement from a long career in the bank
This inspiring book tells of the many adventures experienced by the author after retiring from a banking career.
You can read the full reviews at Amazon Universal Link.
In case you have not yet read the book it is available at Amazon Universal Link and Books2Read Universal Link.

Here is the Video Book Trailer:

Thursday, 11 January 2018

He said, 'Funerals are dress rehearsals and every one of us has an expiry date.'

Yesterday was my neighbour's daughter's funeral at the Seventh Day Adventist church.
After the service, we were invited for refreshments in another building at the side of the church.
I wanted to use the restroom so I went there.
There was a step-down that was not clearly defined and I fell face forward and damaged my nose and lip.
Other parts of my body were bruised.
I was spitting blood and that scared me, but later realised it was from a cut on my lip.
I screamed for Rashiff and he came and lifted me off the floor and a huge crowd gathered to sympathize with me.
My neighbour had two doctor relatives there and they checked me out.
It was a horrific experience and we came home right away.
The church minister had just preached from Ecclesiastes 3, "There is a time to be born and a time to die."
I wrote a book based on those words. It is on Amazon.
He said that funerals are dress rehearsals and every one of us has an expiry date.
When I fell, I really thought that it was my expiry date.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Dark Horror - Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy.

REVENGE OF ZEEKA: HORROR TRILOGY is a dark horror science fiction novel that will make your skin crawl and give you goosebumps.

A strange - looking person turned up at the renowned Gosh Hospital in the scenic island of Gosh in the year 2036.
He asked to see Dr. George Brown, Medical Chief of staff.
He claimed to be a zombie who reported to Master Zeeka and revealed information about a plot to attack the hospital.
But was he really a zombie?
Dr. Brown was suspicious of his motives, sedated him, left him in Room Nine, and called a meeting of the hospital doctors to discuss the recorded conversation between the zombie and him.
The zombie had no name and Dr. Brown referred to him as Number Nine because he left him in Room 9.
He outsmarted Dr. Brown and disappeared causing the doctors with the exception of two, Dr. Raynor Sharpe and Dr. Mark Schmidt, to disbelieve what Dr. Brown told them.
They even questioned whether Nine was really a zombie as he made no attempt to attack any humans in the hospital.
The three doctors vowed to uncover the truth.
A few weeks later at the national Carnival celebrations, a colourful sailor band with zombie-like persons launched a fatal attack on innocent spectators, confirming Number Nine's revelations to Dr. Brown.
It appeared that Number Nine died in that attack
Fingers were pointed at one man for the brutal attacks, but was he the real perpetrator?
One man knew Zeeka's secrets and he revealed them on a flash drive.
Did the authorities believe him or did they falsely accuse him?


In Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy by Brenda Mohammed, the island of Gosh is under attack by an army of zombies under the command of a vengeful science genius.
The Zika virus broke out in Central and South America with life threatening effects for pregnant women.
Given a choice to save the mothers or the unborn babies, a decision was made to save the mothers.
The tiny stillborns were securely and secretly buried.
Only a few people knew of this.
Unknown to everyone, however, a certain scientist managed to get hold of all 51 bodies, bring them back to life, and condition them to follow his command, creating himself a perfect army of zombies.
Now, twenty years later, the evil scientist seeks revenge on those he holds responsible for the stillbirths.
Only three of the current doctors at Central Hospital - Raynor, Mark and George - witnessed the unfortunate events of 2016.
The three have strong suspicions about who might be controlling the zombies.
Meanwhile, Zeeka is lying in wait for the perfect time to unleash his army onto the island.
Zeeka has big, evil plans and this is just the beginning.
In a desperate search for answers, and with very little to go on, the doctors search for the elusive Master Zeeka.
Will they save the islanders from Zeeka and his zombies, or will it be too late?
Revenge of Zeeka, by Brenda Mohammed, is a one of a kind novella trilogy that delivers an incredible story guaranteed to give readers an absolute sci-fi treat.
I especially liked how Brenda used current events as the pivotal point from which to build this amazing sci-fi horror.
This made the story even more relatable.
More importantly, however, I admired how she owned her story and created this captivating version of events.
She captured with amazing depth the setting, characters, plot, and emotions in such few words.
If you are looking for a thrilling short read, this fast-paced, sci-fi action novella will give you the time of your life.”
Follow Brenda on Amazon Universal Link.

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'How to Write for Success 'received a five-star review from Readers Favorite

In 'How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I Received.' the author shares with new and aspiring authors her knowledge gained over the years.

The book begins with her trials, errors, and successes, and moves on to the essentials of writing a book to which readers will gravitate.

She covers plotting, writing dialogue and narrative, building your story world, choosing a book title, writing the blurb, what an author should do before and after publishing, choosing categories, creating an author brand, book marketing, and most of all how to get sales and reviews.

It does not end there.

She shows how you can achieve recognition in an author's world and become successful.

You can become a best-selling author.

You can become an award-winning author.

The author emphasizes it is up to each individual to apply what they have learned in the book to achieve their dreams and goals.

There is a segment on frequently asked questions with answers, that no aspiring author would want to miss.

Seasoned authors can also learn something from this book. Be proud to be an Author.


Author Brenda Mohammed gives the reader valuable nuggets of truth to use within their own writing career in How To Write For Success. 

There is a brief introduction listing the various books the author has written and her ability to encompass different types of literature. 

The purpose of this book is to show readers that the author has a passion to help other readers fulfill their lifelong dream of writing their own book. 

I really appreciated the personal stories of how the author writes her own material and how important research is, even before one begins to write. 

She also lists several Facebook groups she has joined to help promote both her material and herself as an author.
One of the best statements I appreciated within this book is: "A book description is your sales page. 

It will sell your book. 

Make sure it is engaging and can turn a browse into a buy." 

This is great and valuable information for a writer to understand. 

There is also listed the importance of copyrighting the material, getting an ISBN number, etc. Whoever gets the ISBN number is considered the publisher. 

The author has the choice of getting their own or letting the publisher get it for them. 

Pre-orders are very important to an author. 

Creating excitement before the book is even printed is huge. 

There are also many listed things that one can do following publication. 

Branding yourself is also very important. 

People must know about you and your material, how to find it and consider reading it. 

I really enjoyed all the links provided in the e-book, allowing the reader to go to various publishers, writing aids, Facebook groups, etc. 

This is an asset to any writer at any level, given the detailed information, but for the beginner, it is a must-have!

Blog Takeover by Kathy Denver - Meet Brenda Mohammed

Meet Brenda Mohammed
From Banker to Author - who would have imagined that a harrowing diagnosis of cancer could change your career and open a whole new world!! Thank you for sharing, Brenda Mohammed!!

Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka [Science Fiction and fantasy]

I did not choose writing as my career. It happened by chance.

I was a successful banker and after I retired from banking, moved on to Insurance where I also excelled. I qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table six times in a row and had the privilege to attend MDRT Conferences abroad. Those opportunities broadened my knowledge in new areas which prepared me for writing.

My writing journey began after my bout with cancer. I wrote 'I am Cancer Free' and self-published it in June 2013 eight years after my near-death experience with cancer. I wrote that book to tell people suffering from that disease that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. That book [my first] was the winner of Mc Grath House Indie Book Awards in the category Non-Fiction in September 2016. It also received a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite in 2017.

I traveled extensively on vacations and conferences for many years during my banking and Insurance careers, and even after retirement. I wrote four memoirs about my life as a banker, retirement, travel, and a spiritual one, all before trying my hand at fiction.

I tried fiction because of something that my brother said to me in one of his letters prior to his death. He wrote in reference to my book, ‘My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living,'
“Your book makes very pleasant reading, and your literary expression is superb and easy to follow. You have an excellent talent, and I think you should follow up on a leisurely basis with perhaps publishing a book of short stories. With fiction, you will have greater opportunity to use your imagination and your undoubted descriptive ability. You used the word 'fantasize' to create a situation. This is an outstanding quality, which you should continue to use because it is imagination, which disposes of everything, coming from within you. It creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which are everything in this world.”

I took my brother’s advice and in the year 2014 wrote, ‘Heart-Warming Tales,’ and ‘Stories People Love.’ Both books are short story collections. They each received five-star reviews from readers, but I still felt that I needed to write more exciting stories.

An idea for a science fiction series came to me and in February 2016, I published Zeeka and the Zombies: Revenge of Zeeka Book 1. Within a few months, I released Zeeka’s Child Book 2, and Zeeka Returns Book 3. The series scored a double with Readers Favorite. I had compiled the first three books into a trilogy called Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy. In September 2016, I submitted the trilogy to Readers Favorite for a free review. The book received a five-star review and five-star seal. You can read the review here.

The following year I added two more books to the series - Zeeka’s Ghost Book 4 and Resurrection Book 5. I compiled the five books into one book called Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka. I sent it to Readers Favorite for a free review and it received a five-star review and five-star seal. Read the review from Readers Favorite.
A fan nominated the book for the Metamorph Publishing Summer Indies Book Awards. It won Best Science Fiction third place in September 2017.
These are headlines Reviewers wrote in their Reviews for Zeeka Chronicles.
Thank you, Readers.

1. I found the book to be original, brilliant, and full of suspense.
2. Just when you thought you knew everything about Zombies, comes this imaginative tale that re-defines their existence.
3. I loved this book. It will make a great movie. I recommend it if you love sci-fi novels.
4.Great Science Fiction reading
5.Twilight Zone-like Sci-Fi Shorts
6.Excellent, original story.
7.Blind-siding Events Abound
8.A fascinating vision of our future
9.An above average zombie series brought together in one superb collection.
10.Teens and up will adore this book.
11. I loved Zeeka Chronicles; it has worldwide appeal for anyone looking for an entertaining story that is different.

The Book is available on Amazon Universal Link and Books2Read Universal Link.

To date, I have self-published eighteen books. I enjoy being an author.

Thank you for spending time with me today, please feel free to reach out and follow me on Facebook by clicking HERE.


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It pays to participate in Forums

Does it pay to participate in Forums? Yes, it does....literally. I won in September and December. I had no idea that prizes were being awarded for participating.
So lesson No 1 - Participate in Forums.

On Sept.30th 2017, I received this email from Readers Favorite.
I chose the entry into the contest for US$300.00 for Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka.

"Hello, Brenda,
Congratulations, you have won the Readers' Favorite Forum Best Tip Contest! As a thank you for your wonderful tips we can offer you a free 5 Express Review package ($199 value) or entry into our contest with up to 4 categories ($300 value)! You can have either prize and you can use it for any book you like. Just let me know what works best for you.
James Ventrillo

On December 1st, 2017 I received another email so I chose the entry into the contest for, I am Cancer Free.".

Here is the email I received:
"Readers' Favorite
1st. december 2017
1:49 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Hello Brenda,
Congratulations, you have won the Readers' Favorite Forum Best Tip Contest again! As a thank you for your wonderful tips we can offer you a free 5 Express Review package ($199 value) or entry into our contest with up to 4 categories ($300 value)! You can have either prize and you can use it for any book you like. Just let me know what works best for you.
James Ventrillo

What Reviewers are saying about How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I Received.
1. An excellent in-depth guide on how to structure your story!
2. A Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Book. A Must-Have for All Writers!
3. This book not only reveals secrets about how to be successful but it's filled with heart and a work of love.
4. It gives you everything you could want to become an author! Wow. Bravo. I wish it had been around when I started.
5. Essential reading for all aspiring self-published authors.
6. This book offers such valuable information for all of us experienced or not!

How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I received
by Brenda Mohammed is available at Draft2Digital and Amazon.
Digital List Price: $2.99
Paperback $8.00

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Video Book Trailers for Revenge of Zeeka Series.

Zeeka and The Zombies is the first story in the science-fiction series Zeeka Chronicles set on an imaginary Caribbean island called Gosh in the year 2036.
This book serves as an introduction to this spine-chilling tale.
Integrated into the mystery is a love story as well as a family drama.
The combination of these three aspects in this collection makes it an exciting read.
Persons who enjoy detective novels, romance or science fiction will love this series.
The main character, Raynor, is a gynecologist who works at a hospital on the island.
He, together with the hospital's director and another doctor, Mark, were working at the hospital twenty years ago when an outbreak of the zika virus occurred.
The hospital delivered fifty-one stillborn babies from pregnant women who were infected with the virus during their pregnancy.
However, it turned out that the babies were not buried but were, in fact, taken by someone evil and turned into zombies.
The secret is revealed when one of the zombies appears at the hospital, having been sent by the vengeful and evil Master Zeeka, to survey the scene so that he could attack the hospital in the future.
In the meantime, Raynor's love interest, Janet, also a doctor at the same hospital, told Raynor that she is engaged and plans to marry a doctor from another hospital.
She sent out invitations to all her colleagues, including Raynor.
Raynor was always secretly in love with Janet but had never proposed to her although he had bought an engagement ring intending to do so.
The plot thickens when the wedding invitation reveals that Janet's fiancé is Dr. Jason Stephens, who the police suspect of being Master Zeeka.
Jason calls off the engagement with Janet and disappears.
Raynor finally proposes to Janet and she gladly accepts.
The police cannot find Master Zeeka, but Raynor and his new bride enjoy a magnificent honeymoon.

In the second story, Zeeka's Child, the search for Master Zeeka continues.
We learn that the main suspect, Jason Stephens, is actually innocent.
The real culprit is revealed and is a person who had kidnapped Jason when he was a child.
Jason is really Raynor's older brother.
Jason returns and reunites with his brother.
The police force launches a massive hunt for the real killer.

In the third story, Zeeka Returns, the police hunt down the police chief and the nine flesh-eating zombies that accompany him in the jungle. These scenes are full of suspense and tension as we wonder whether the police officers would capture Master Zeeka or whether the zombies will destroy them.
It turns out, however, that he is eventually captured, not by the police, but by Eve, a beautiful female robot who had been employed by Raynor and Janet.
Zeeka commits suicide while in custody.

Just when you thought the story was over, Zeeka returns in Zeeka's Ghost: Revenge of Zeeka 4.
Zeeka is back but not how you expect.
Unresolved issues, regrets, love, and a ghost, with the right mix of startling plot twists, makes this story a thrilling read.
Who would want to kidnap Mandy, and why?
Can Steven save her from the clutches of the kidnappers in time?

A questionable character returns from one of the previous books in Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka 5.
He causes even more disarray in the lives of the people and robots of Gosh.
Dr. Steven Sharpe's reputation is on the line when he attempts an unimaginable cure to help a man desperate for a new life.
This story closes the Zeeka series on a high note.
The many twists and turns in this book make it exciting, thrilling and suspenseful.

Get the series at Amazon Universal Link.